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The Story Of Us

How it all started . . . . Chanbury’s (pronounced Shanbury's) started with a passion for entertaining friends & family, and has quickly grown into a much loved and established family business.

Three years ago the arrival of our little girl changed everything. You suddenly have a brand new outlook, a sense of ambition and a desire to follow your dreams. All of which led to the start of our Woodfired Pizza adventure. In the beginning we set off with one pizza oven, a trailer and a gazebo. Learning a great deal along the way. We catered at local festivals, weddings and parties throughout the South West. In our second year the events grew in size which led us to purchasing 2 further pizza ovens.. Our third year as I'm sure every local business would agree, has been a rollercoaster. From a full calendar to an empty one, to a makeshift takeaway from our gazebo, and now to our brand new sparkly Pizzeria. Complete with a hand built brick pizza oven from Europe. Every cloud has a silver lining as they say . . . We are so lucky and appreciative to have had such a loyal customer base that has supported us throughout lockdown, some on a weekly basis, you know who you are. We thank you.

Now we are so excited to be opening our first dedicated site, Chanbury's Woodfired Pizza. A fully fledged pizzeria offering delivery and collection to Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas. Aiming to deliver within a 5 mile radius 5 days a week. Our authentic sourdough pizza menu combines both locally sourced ingredients and Italian favourites to make something really special. We hope you'll enjoy our pizzas time and time again :)


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